Park Properties Management Company Finalist for Best Places to Work Multi-Family™

2020 Best Places to Work in Multifamily

Charlottesville, VA – Park Properties Management Company (PPMC), a full-service management company specializing in multi-family, affordable and conventional housing, commercial property management, condominium management, and single-family homes, has been named as a finalist for Best Places to Work Multi-Family™.

Best Places to Work Multi-family™ is a nationally recognized program, designed to distinguish those companies that have established and consistently fostered outstanding workplace environments. The rigorous “Employee Feedback” assessment process evaluates each participating company’s employee policies and procedures as well as responses from the company’s employees. The program is part of a long-term initiative to encourage growth and excellence throughout the Multifamily Apartment Industry and to attract new leaders to the industry, as well.

Recognition as a finalist serves as a nod to the overall company culture at Park Properties, and as a testament to the hard work and dedication each employee contributes towards the business’s overall success. PPMC’s results highlight employee satisfaction in a number of areas, including personal and professional development, workplace satisfaction, and team effectiveness – further evidence that people are the organization’s most important asset.

Representatives from PPMC will travel to Scottsdale, AZ in November to participate in the Multifamily Leadership Summit, where they will also find out their ultimate ranking in the national competition. For more information about the Best Places to Work in Multifamily™ program and the Multifamily Leadership Summit, visit